Pre-stressed Flooring

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Pre-stressed Concrete Flooring

D K Trotter & Sons Ltd always take great pride in the design and manufacture of our products and our Pre-stressed Concrete Floor Slabs are a great example of this.

All our floor units are designed using the most up to date computer aided packages, to ensure a highly effective design layout.

Our slab manufacture incorporates an innovative casting system which ensures a high quality soffit finish, as well as making sure units are made to the correct dimensions, as required on site. This procedure coupled with the use of our own quality raw materials and skilled workmanship ensures a high quality finished product. Polystyrene inserts are used to create the lightweight cores in our 150mm, 200mm and 250mm deep Pre-stressed Floor Slabs.

This lightweight design gives extremely high strengths for maximum loads and spans. Another characteristic of the Trotter Pre-stressed Concrete Floor Slabs are that the ends are closed and solid. Unlike extruded slabs, this eliminates the risk of water and other contamination in cores and it also improves the shear capacity at bearing in all applications.

Advantages of using Trotter pre-stressed floor slab

Installation speed - 1200mm wide Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slabs can be installed safely at high volume, reducing work schedules on the site. They also provide an immediate working platform and with correct propping, create storage for construction materials.
Sound Resistance - Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slab’s cores are made using polystyrene infill, so our slabs are useful sound barriers between floors in domestic/apartment buildings. Our slabs can also allow block work to be built of the floor units, providing better partition sound resistance.
Building Regulations – The max fill permitted at ground floor level is 600mm, slabs can be utilised at this stage. Also ground beam construction can be combined with Trotter Floor Slabs to provide an excellent substructure. This in turn reduces the possibility of settlement and cracking due to poor sub floor compaction. All governing bodies will insist on an approved suspended floor, like Trotter Pre-stressed Flooring.
Fire Resistance - Standard Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slabs have a minimum fire rating of 1 hour. Our slabs have solid concrete ends which further improve fire retardation.
Thermal Resistance - Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slabs have the added advantage of working as an effective heat storage component, giving the occupant greater value for money.
Structural Integrity - Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slabs incorporate the traditional use of High Strength Concrete and Pre-Stressed Steel. In turn the resultant strengths are far greater than some traditional floor systems. In turn this greatly reduces the requirement for infill structural steel for partition support.
Design Flexibility - Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slabs can accommodate under-floor heating, notches and holes for service pipes, electrical wiring, etc.
Slab Finishes - Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slabs can accommodate suspended ceilings or the soffit can be painted directly. Our floor slabs can also have various top finishes, smooth floated finishes or rough tamped finish for keying of structural screeds.
Quality Control - Trotter Pre-Stressed Floor Slabs are designed in accordance with B.S. 8110. Our designers use the latest concrete flooring software in all our projects. Full technical information can be supplied on request and all structural queries will be dealt with promptly.

Technical Information Unit Depth

We manufacture 1200mm wide slabs and ripped slabs to suit floor layouts in three different depths (150mm, 200mm and 250mm). Our slabs can be designed using various steel arrangements, to provide the most effective working span to loading ratio.
It is important to liaise with our technical team as soon as possible to insure your project receives the design help it requires and this could save time and money in the long run. Remember we are here to help at all times.IMG_0025natural-650x400